Hot to Make Realistic 3D Glass Wall Logo Mockup Less Than 5 Minutes

Photoshop Tutorial for beginner only about simple trick to make realistic 3D glass wall logo mockup using Photoshop. Simple, Fast, and Easy. This tuturial doesn't explain how to make PSD logo mockup but how to use an existing PSD logo mockup.
  1. Open this site then click Features
  2. Find logo mockup via searching box! (use this keyword: 3D glass window logo mockup)
  3. Click logo mockup 3D Glass Wall Logo Mockup and pay just with $1 to get download link
  4. Open Photoshop program then open PSD logo mockup file that had been downloaded
  5. Double click a little box on "Your Logo" Layer
  6. After editable logo mockup window appears, open your transparent existing logo
  7. Drag your existing logo to Logo Mockup Window (Your Logo.psd) !
  8. Remove, delete or hide the existing logo (Preview logo) by clicking a little eye icon on the left of layer name!
  9. Close recent window then click YES button!
  10. Your existing logo will look realistic like a sample on glass wall
  11. You can save your artwork in any file formats (JPG, GIF, PNG) as needed by clicking "Save for web" or by pressing ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+S
  12. Finally you may check your new logo mockup file. Now, try yourself at home!

3D Logo Mockup