Simple Trick to Create 3D Logo Like Real

Video tutorial for newbies only about Simple Trick to Create 3D Logo Like Real on Using Wooden PSD Mockup. With this trick your existing logo will look 3D realistic logo.

#d Realistic Logo

Below are the tricks:
  1. First, visit this URL
  2. On this site, search "Wooden Logo Mockup" on this site
  3. Download this Free Logo Mockup
  4. Open Photoshop program then open mockup file we've downloaded. We will replace this old logo with new logo, so open yuour new logo
  5. Double click a little box on appropriate layer (see on video) to edit or remove old logo
  6. Open window that containing your new logo then drag this logo to previous window that containing old logo
  7. Hide old logo layer and resize a new one (your new logo)
  8. Close that window then click "YES" button to save it
  9. Reopen first window to see the result
  10. To correct this, repeat the previous step (see on video)
  11. Now you can save this image by pressing ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+S or choose "Save for Web" 
  12. You can check the final result by opening new file using Windows Explorer End. Try yourself at home. Good luck:)