Simple Trick to Make Realistic Logo on a Cup

This video tutorial is for beginner only about simple trick to make logo like a real on a coffee cup. This tutorial doesn't explain how to make a logo mockup but how to use existing PSD logo mockup. Below is the trick.
  1. First, open this URL
  2. Use searcing box to find Cup Mockup that we will use
  3. Download PSD mockup as you like by clicking the appropriate title or image
  4. Open Photoshop then open PSD mockup file you have downloaded
  5. Double click a little box to edit existing logo On "PUT YOUR LOGO HERE" layer
  6. Open new logo (your existing logo). It's better to use PNG transparent image
  7. Drag new logo to Shape 1.psd window, resize it based on mockup size then hide old logo layer (Shape 3 layer)
  8. Close recent window then click "YES" button to save it
  9. Open the first window (mockup.psd). You'll see the old logo has been replaced by your new logo 9. We can change the color by hide/unhide "Layer Corrects" 
  10. We can also "Flatten" and "Crop" this image before saving.
  11. Save this mockup to any file format as needed such as JPG, GIF, or PNG
  12. Finally, You can check new logo mockup by opening it via Windows Explorer End. 

3D Realistic Logo You can try yourself at home. Goodluck :)