Simple Trick to Use PSD Logo Mockup Easily

Tutorials for beginners on how to use PSD Logo Mockup very easily and replace it with your own logo (your existing design that has been prepared). Here is a step by step how to use the logo mockup PSD file using Photoshop program. This mockup logo file can be downloaded at

This tutorial doesn't explain how to create a mockup using Photoshop but how to use it. You can find it in other video tutorial in this channel.
  1. Open this site to find PSD Logo Mockup as you want then Click "FREEBIES" !
  2. Find and choose free logo mockup then Download PSD mockup by clicking download button! 
  3. Write your active email then click DOWNLOAD button to get download link that will be sent to your email.
  4. Open Photoshop program then open mockup file and Open logo file! It is better to use a logo with a transparent PNG file format with a large enough resolution that we have prepared.
  5. Double click the little box on placeholder layer then drag the logo to a new window that has just appeared (Layer61.psd) ! You can adjust logo size according to the size mockup then remove, delete or hide the Placeholder layer!
  6. Close the recent opened window then click YES then open first window! Now you will see your logo ono paper PSD mockup. We can save this file on any file format such as JPG, GIF, and PNG.
  7. Finally We can check new JPG file by openening that.
  8. Now you can try it yourself at home. Hope this tutorial useful especially for beginners. 

Paper PSD Logo Mockup